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The story of Vineyard Anaheim has always been one of joining with the story of God, following where He leads and pursuing His presence. We are a community with a rich history in renewal and with a destiny to bring life to the city. Listen to our Sunday sermons here.

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Reversing Adversity | Perspective

Today Alan shares on how our difficulty today is preparing us for new life tomorrow. What if our adversity was actually announcing to us a new season coming?

Reversing Adversity

What if God had purpose, power, and a pathway to His glory, hidden for you in adversity? Today Alan shares on how we can count adversity as joy.

Immeasurable | Anointed Imagination

There has never been a better time to step into the story of God for the sake of the city. This week, Alan shares how we can partner with God with our imaginations, unlocking faith. [podcast...

Immeasurable | Unrestrained Love

This week, Alan shares on the limitless love of God – love that both delights in His judgments, and releases freedom. [podcast...

Dreams that Shape the City | Unlocking a City

We are joined by Brian Peterson of Faces of Santa Ana, as he shares how over the last few years, the dream in his heart began to shape the city around him. [podcast...

Dreams that Shape the City | Dreams & Creativity

This week, Jeremy shares from the heart on how God awakens us to a life of dreams and creativity. [podcast src=""...

Dreams that Shape the City | Awakening

This week, Alan shares on the adoration for God that fuels our dreams. God has inscribed His design in your heart. In you is something the world has never seen before. [podcast...

There Is More

This week Alan looks at the more that is available as we keep yielding our yes to God. He will always unfold more than we could ask or imagine. [podcast...